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Linda P.

Staten Island, NY

I recently purchased a mobility van for my Mom. I saw the van on e-bay and other sites and I traveled from NYC to see the vans he offered in person. Had a great experience with Kenny! He was very helpful and he made my purchase a very pleasant experience. Kenny is knowledgeable and friendly and is involved with the whole process of making a mobility van. I had dealt with several other potential sellers via telephone but I felt Kenny offered the best deal combined with great service. Buy a van from this man!

Peter L.

Washington State

I’d like to recommend Kenny’s Auto Sales (Distributor for AMT Vans) as a preferred vendor for the state when it comes to vehicle wheelchair conversion. We did a TON of research on conversions and we chose this vendor for quality, price and overall value. There are a number of different vendors across the country who do van conversions, but Kenny’s was the only one who offered the package we needed at a price we could afford (we opted for a manual rear ramp). Not only that, but Kenny’s provided excellent customer service. When you’re in a position like ours (special needs child) trust is a huge deal. You would do families like ours a huge favor by recommending Kenny’s.


Customer of Kenny's Auto Sales (Distributor for AMT Vans)

Hey Kenny, never got a chance to let you know until now how pleased we are with the van, you all did a great job on it. I will definitely pass your name onto anybody looking to get a conversion done. Take care my friend!

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